Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random Krissy-ness

Well hello, hello!! Guess your wondering where I've been huh?? Well mostly here, hanging out and at work but I've had some stuff going on.

First I'm freakin sick. Very sick. Well not so bad right now but last night and earlier today I felt like death. But so far tonight I'm feeling okay. Keep your fingers crossed!

I've been watching Star Trek movies like mad since the weekend. Yes, I said Star Trek...gotta problem with that? in case you have not figured it out yet I'm a bit of a geek. And by a bit I actually mean a huge geek. It's all good. I embrace my inner nerd *lol* So anyways, Space played a ton of Trek movies over the weekend, and we got them on the PVR, and have spent most nights watching both classic Trek (finally saw Wrath of Khan) and new Trek. Finished off with Generations tonight. One day in the very near future I`ll do a whole post on Trek, and my love of it.

Now on to my schooling. My first books came last week, and I did my first exam on Monday..I got 95 percent! Yay me!! Only one question wrong!! Double Yay me!!

So now I`m off to study some more, and maybe get through my second exam. Till next time folks, live long and prosper

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