Thursday, July 30, 2009

A fresh start....

For both me (kinda) and this blog. First blog news, than the Krissy news....can you feel the suspense??

I know I have not posted a lot lately. With personal issues (now dealt with) work hours, and spending time with my darling husband, I've been finding that I really have not had the time/energy/desire to think of things to post about all the time. Or I should say I'll think of stupid stuff to post about, but nothing "deep" (If you can call any of my posts deep). With the encouragement of Rainman, I've decided to shift my format a bit. This blog will truly become a look at the life of Krissy. In addition to my rants I'm now going to post my random musings, and stuff that amuses me. So if I find a LOLcat that makes me giggle...yep you'll be seeing it too. Cool Youtube video?? Yep I'll post it here. I'll still be posting my rants, but lets face it I'm not pissed off everyday. Might as well share the fun stuff with my loyal readers right? So hold on, this ride is about to get a lot more humorus.

Now that I've keep you in suspense for a minute....the Krissy news. Almost 15 years after I dropped out of high school, I have enrolled in a program to get my diploma. That's right folks, I'm going to be getting some book learning and such. I am so smart... S-M-R-T (Yes I am dancing like Homer in my head *lol*). So there something else to keep me posting! Yay!!

Well that's it for now ladies and germs :-)

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