Thursday, September 17, 2009

No, Leafs, NO!!

So I went to my first hockey game tonight.  Yep I'm 30.  Yep I was born in Canada, and lived near Toronto my entire life.  Yes I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  Always have been.  It's a long running joke with my friends that are Leafs fans that we bleed Blue and White.  Hell Maple Leaf blue was one of our wedding colors (although not for that reason, I'm just really fond of that shade, but still work with me people)

I will confess though, I've lost faith in my team in years past.  What do you expect when we haven't won the cup once in my lifetime?  Hell, we have not even been close to it in years.  And I refuse to pay the ridiculously high ticket prices to see a team that I know will only break my heart.  In past years the Leafs have become rather like an abusive boyfriend to me.  They always promise they will do better.  They give me hope, they suck me in.  And once I'm back in there clutches, once I'm back in love with the dirty bastards, they bitch slap my ass.  But I won tickets to the first pre-season game of the year. I mean free is free.  And this year, why this year they swore they would do better.

 They lied.  They smacked me around again and trampled on my heart.

First period looked really good.  We scored first, that's always a good sign right?  We took em down in the first fight of the night (and really every fight.  I'll give them that.  We have one hell of a scrappy team this year) But come second period, it all went to shit, and didn't get any better. It actually hurts to relive it.  Sigh.  And the worst part?  I know when regular season play starts my hopes will go back up again

Why can't I quit you, Toronto Maple Leafs?

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  1. But hey... at least the fights were good... and we had the humour value of the little guy to my right giving the team absolute hell from start to finish.

    I can still hear him yelling "JUST SHOOT THE PUCK!"


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