Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pure, Unadulterated, Blogging Joy: Courtesy of Ginny

So I'm sure you've noticed the Blog Roll over there

---------------------- that-a-way-------------------------- keep going---------->

and may have been wondering what this Praying to Darwin thing is all about. Don't worry... we haven't suddenly become fervent religious zealots or anything. That is the personal blog of the afore mentioned Ginny, and if you love yourself even in the slightest you will go and gaze at the words full of win.

We happened to stumble across that little corner of the net the same way it seems a large number of people did: through the exposure of a post of hers sent to "Emails From Crazy People". You. Have. To. Check. It. Out... especially if you've got little rugrats running around. That post I mentioned in particular has to be one of the absolute best pieces of humour I've come across in a damn long time. Naturally, we took it upon ourselves to go through the full archives and I was surprised to find that she can easily keep you enamoured with whatever her topic Du Jour may be. Quite frankly... anything this good begs to be shared, so share I shall.

A quick note though... when you do venture over, make sure you pay close attention to her blog's byline of "Tongue so firmly in cheek, it may be permanent". As I said, a lot of people ventured over there after reading the post sent to Emails from Crazy People, and left a lot of comments on the entry... sadly it seems that natural selection has failed (ironic considering the blog is titled "Praying to DARWIN") as there are far too many comments ragging on Ginny as though this were a serious letter she actually sent to the sadistic teacher in question. I truly weep for our future.

So to get you fine folks started, I'll drop in a few links to some of the gems over there... but don't let that stop you from poking around all over... more than worth the time (which you will not notice go by, I promise).

Ok... that was actually a lot harder than I though it would be... so much there I could easily have just posted a massive directory to everything she's got. That should give you a good little start though.

Until next time... don't do anything I wouldn't do... because quite frankly if I wouldn't do something it's gotta be way off the depravity scale and will more than likely get you a first class trip straight to the ninth circle of hades.


  1. Oh sweet Jebus.

    You are far too kind.

  2. Glad to see you dropped in Ginny! I think I speak for both of us when I say your awesome! My dear husband just beat me to the punch on this post. You blog never fails to make us laugh. You rule girl! I can only hope to be half the writer you are.

  3. See folks? She's modest too... How can ya go wrong? (work with us here Ginny... A little promotion never hurt no one)... Except maybe JFK... the promotion to the presidency didn't work out so well there...

    I can't believe I just went there... Oh St. Peter's sure gonna bring that one up from that big book of his

  4. Just a disclaimer here folks....the above comments and thoughts are those of Rainman, and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts/opinions of Krissy... although that was damn funny!


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