Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Rainman Cometh... AKA. "What the hell was The Krissy smoking when she handed the reigns over to this schnook?"

Some of you fine folks may remember a little post from way back when, where your lovely hostess announced a new addition to the blog and warned you of the impending horror that may follow in the guise of her hubby (tormentor, long haired freak, the guy with the really big feet, he who shall not be named... or was that Voldemort?). Well I figured I'd drop in quickly and say hiya. So... uhhh... hiya. Pleased to meet you, won't you guess my name?

I'll always be lurking around here and there, adding my $.02 as I feel the need ($.02 being all I can really afford... damn economy!). May or may not make many posts, but after checking with the Queen of the castle I have permission to go all willy nilly in here as I feel the need.

Play nice though folks... I'm like Santa in that I'm always watching... but I'm not even remotely as jolly, and I'll go medieval all up in this joint*.

*as long as The Krissy allows me

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