Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thanks Rainman!!

Okay, you may have noticed there has been some layout changes around here today.  We owe a huge thanks to my husband.  Turns out when I added him months ago, I only added him as an author.  Give the man administrative powers, and look what happens.  While I'm home sick, lying in bed feeling sorry for myself,  Rainman's working on making this place look way better.  Now my pictures should show up properly and not be cut off.  I knew there was a reason I married the technology guy!  Thanks so much baby!

Also on a tech note, I gave in today and joined Twitter.  That's right, I'm now officially a Twit!  If you want yet another way to peer into my seedy little world please join me Krissy on Twitter ...or just click on the twitter box on the right.  Hope to see ya over there!

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  1. Hey, no problem baby... gotta make myself useful in some way or another


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