Thursday, October 1, 2009

An open letter to Vince Mcmahon and the WWE

Dear Vince and Co,

Let me start by saying I have been a huge fan of your brand of  "sports entertainment" since I was a child.  Some of my best childhood memories are of watching your superstars preform on my TV every Saturday.  I bought your magazine every month, and papered my walls with posters of my favorites (Macho Man Randy savage, The Ultimate Warrior, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth in case your wondering)  I made my mom drive to the video store every time a PPV came out on video so I could rent/buy it.  I didn't care if I knew the results, I wanted to see it for myself.  As an adult now i have been to see Wrestlemania and Raw live.  I've bought T-Shirts, and DVD's.  I purchased your PPV's every month.  Even when I didn't care for the card, I still bought them. Hell, I've even met people who had stopped watching your fine programing and brought them back into it.  I've spent more than my fair share of money, and I've never once complained...until now.

You see Vince, there is a limit to what I (and most fans) will put up with.  I stuck by when your programming...well kinda sucked to be honest.  And while we're being honest over the past year or so your stuff has really been at an all time low.  But I've tried to be understanding.  I've watched as people with real talent have been put on a back burner, so you can push somebody who does not have an ounce of talent or personality.  I've watched as you have desecrated my great memories of ECW  by turning the name into a joke with what you call "extreme".  I've watched you strip the "attitude" that you used to be so proud to flaunt out of your shows.  I watched as you have stopped showing blood and instead cut to a crowd shot, or in old footage turned it all black and white when once I would have seen a glorious crimson mask.  Basically I have watched as you have pushed your prime demographic, your fans, the people who made your fucking company a success to the side for a new "family friendly" image (And BTW who the fuck do you think your kidding with that one).  And after all that, I have finally reached what is my personal limit.

You taken a "Superstar" who was a great role model to the kiddies and turned him into a heel and a joke.  I'm referring of course to CM Punk.  The self proclaimed "straight edge superstar".  A man that does not smoke, drink, or do drugs.  Who's only vice is competition.  You put him up against a man who was a huge fan favorite.  A man you knew all the little kiddies would cheer for.  Oh and a man who has had numerous drug problems.  Yep, you put him in a program against Jeff Hardy.  And the fans boo CM Punk.

While this pissed me off when it was happening, I still kinda understood.  I stopped watching for a whlie however. Than a few weeks ago I saw a headline. Jeff Hardy Arrested- .  Yep the man you made into a hero, a man who proudly claimed did not need rehab to get over his addictions.  Arrested for drugs.  What. The. Fuck.  It's been no secret for years Jeff Hardy has had his demons.  We have all watched him struggle with them.  Hell it's the reason I was so pissed over the CM Punk/Hardy feud in the first place.  But to have him arrested like this a few weeks after leaving the WWE (and ending the CM Punk feud when he left...yeah it ran right till Hardy's last show)....well it kinda proves my point for me.

If your going to claim to be a "family friendly" show than perhaps you should take a good look at who your pushing.  I'm not taking anything away from Jeff Hardy here.  He has given a lot to the business in his years with you, and never failed to take my breath away with what he can do in the ring.  I don't doubt that he is in physical pain every day.  But pain does not explain away cocaine.  But if you had not used Hardy as your man to turn Punk into a heel I most likely would still not be complaining.  I mean I get that you could not (technically) have seen this coming.  But really, you should have.  You had a ready made anti drug hero, and the fans booed him for a man you knew had drug problems.  Whether you knew he still had a problem or not his past history speaks for itself.  That makes me sick honestly.  I'm sure by now you know it was a mistake...or maybe not as I see your now running Punk in a program against The Undertaker.  Good call Vince.  Make him into more of a heel.  Put him up against a huge fan (myself included) favorite.  Put him up against a man who's time in this business is running out.  Way to look at the future of your business.

I think it's safe to say I'm done Vince.  I'm done with your programming.  I'm done with the WWE.  I'll stick to watching your competition.  I'll watch TNA, where they don't try to be something they are not, and the talent speaks for itself.  So bye Vince.  I would like to say it's been fun, but given the last few years I would be lying.

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  1. I have to agree, ok I'm not done because I'm a sucker but the Hardy/Punk feud and the CM Punk heel turn left a really bad taste in my mouth... I'd much rather have my kids (if I ever have them) want to be like CM Punk than Jeff Hardy...


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