Friday, October 2, 2009

7 Ways to List 5 Reasons Why you should know How to Make a post about the One Thing You Didn't Know About... Dobernerds

So The Krissy, as you all know, is now a twittering machine.

What do you mean you didn't know? Did you not get the memo?

Ah dammit. Alright... look over there on your right.

No, your other right... there you go.

In any event, between the blogging, and following blogs, and the mad twittering, she happened to come across a little gem hereto forth known as *Loud, booming, echoing voice* Tremendous News. And whoa Nelly is this one ever a doozy. Great little humour centric blog seemingly dedicated to the twitter revolution and all that may encompass. There are a number of other posts up there with different subjects, but mostly it boils down to Twitter and social net culture.

Mixed within the humour is some very thoughtful and important work as well.

There's highly important public service messages:
The 5 Trademarks of a Douchebag.

Moral guidance:
The 10 Commandments of Facebook

Sage advice to the more mature who are seeking love:
5 Ways Cougars Can Use Twitter to Find Prey

Brilliant investigations into the secrets of the core demographic for every marketer in the world today
OMG You Guys! The Best Twitter Search Ever!

And of course the source from where I shamelessly stole the entire makeup of the title to this post:
7 Easy Ways to Sell Out as a Blogger

See? I told you folks this was important stuff. Now, after reading through you may have noticed a certain term sprouting up many a time, which brings me to the following line of commentary.

Moobs. Yes, Moobs. Man Boobs. Quite the clever little condensing of the two words to get the point across. The one thing is though, Moobs almost sounds like a friendly pet name of familiarity one would use when addressing Mooby the Golden Calf... who we all know was the source of rampant idolatry in Dogma, that film of great truth and spirituality bestowed upon the masses by the prophet Kevin Smith (Haaall-e-lu-jah).

Now, out of fear that any continued use of the term Moobs may be misconstrued as my worship of said false idol, bringing down the wrath of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck upon me, I must find another term which truly gets the same image across, without any sacrilegious undertones.

I propose "MANNARIES". That's right, like mammaries, but as a busty protrusion from the chest of a man. It paints an equally clear picture, has the bonus of sounding like a legitimate medical term, and you don't have to fear the wrath of Jason Bourne and Daredevil with angel wings and cynicism. It really is a win-win situation I feel.

So for now I'll leave you all to the perusal of Tremendous News, but before I go just yet... let me know what you think in the comments. Moobs or Mannaries? Let the great debate of the moment commence!

Oh... and if you had to click on Dogma up there to find out what I was referring to... for shame! Give me 20 "Hail Mewse's" to atone and seek out your true enlightenment.

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