Monday, October 5, 2009

The best play list ever? I thinks so! Part One

So if you were paying attention to the twitter feed while reading Rainman's last post, you'll have read about how I created, what I think may well be the best metal (okay not all metal, but run with it people)play list in the world.  Seriously.  I created it on the fly when on the bus ride home from Brampton, and it was just perfect.  So freaking perfect I have to share it, and all it's awesomeness.

Consider this a disclaimer:  if you do not like metal music, you ain't going to like this.  Just walk away now.  Seriously. Do us both the favor.  Also some most  pretty much all of this music contains profanity.  If you do not like profanity in your music...well this is most likely the wrong blog all together for you.  I suggest you run screaming for the hills now.  Where I can I will be including video of each song.  If I can't find a video I'll include the lyrics. Cause I'm a huge music nerd that way.

Without any further adieu, I present to you, my awesome metal play list (in no particular order)

1. Man in the Box- Alice In Chains Video Here .Yes this is a throw back to my much younger years.  Pretty much everything here will be. Deal with it.  But they all still sound fucking fantastic.

2. Whatever - Godsmack Video Here .  My dear friend Shels (check out her blog here )introduced me to this song years ago, and I still love the shit out of it.  It is my ultimate "pissed off and had a bad day song".  It just makes me feel better.  Yes, I know I'm strange.

3. Vermillion - Slipknot.  video here  This may well be my favorite Slipknot song.  Well this or...

4. Vermillion part 2 - Slipknot. video here drastically different than part one.  This one is almost haunting, and beautiful.  Yes, I said Slipknot and beautiful in the same paragraph.  And I mean it.

5. Pulse of the Maggots - Slipknot  yep, video time  Much more what you what expect from Slipknot.  This was the song that turned me onto this band.  I've always had a slightly anti-authority attitude, and even all grown up I love any song about rising up against "the man".

6. Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva more video I have loved this song since the first time I heard it.  Ask Rainman, he'll tell ya.  It just kinda pumps me up.  I guess you could say it''s the Krissy party song.  I love this song so much that were planning on using it for the entrance to our wedding reception.

7. Du Hast- Rammstein take a guess This is another huge party song for me.  Nuff said

8. Renegades of Funk - Rage Against The Machine. if you guessed video.... I love this song so much that it's the alarm tone on my cell.  If I have to get my ass out of bed, it might as well be to something worth listening to.

9. Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine you would be right Remember the Anti-Authority attitude I spoke of earlier?  Pretty sure this song is what sparked it when I was a teenager.  Ah, memories.

10. Dae Pechniae - Pain of Salvation Trust me! This one I owe all to Rainman.  He introduced me to this band when we first started dating.  It was love at first listen.  While most of there material is rather heavy in tone, this song is

I think that's enough for now.  Check out those video's and I'll be back with Part 2 before ya know it.

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  1. Close to perfect. #1 Right band, Wrong song. Got me Wrong is a much better song. All in all you list is pretty good.


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