Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ultimate Metal Song List-Part Duex

Welcome back everyone!  Miss me?  What do you mean no???  Moving right along, did you check out all the music I posted last time  ? Go ahead and check it out now, I'll wait.



Okay, we back?  So now that your all caught up, and you know the drill let's continue, shall we?  Just a few quick notes before we do. First, All links are now included in the song name, so just click there for all the video goodness. And next a warning, things are going to start to get real offensive with this portion.  If anything I posted in the last list offended you....well lets just say you should skip this post.  Because we start tonights list off at number 11, with....

11. Get Naked Method of Mayhem .  This is a Tommy Lee project.  Need I say anymore?  I do?  Okay the songs called "Get Naked".  You know understand the warning a whole lot better now, don't you?  This is dirty, and raunchy, and a whole lot of fun.  And if you find yourself singing it all day, you can blame it on me.  This time.

12. I Fucking Hate You - Godsmack.  Last post there was another Godsmack song at number 2.  Remember how I said that one made a shit day better?  Same applies here.  It helps to get the anger out, I swear.

13. Easy  - Faith No More.  No, that's not a typo.  No I don't mean Lionel Richie.  Faith No More did an awesome cover of it.  I would almost say it's ......epic (Google it if you don't get the reference.  Than feel free to send your hatemail for my terrible joke)

14. Through The Fire and The Flames - Dragonforce.  We first heard this song on one of the "Guitar Hero" games (I'm sure Rainman will know which one) and loved it, even though there is no way in hell I can play it, even on easy.  Do yourself a favor and actually watch this video, just to see these guys playing.  It's mind blowing.

15. Down With The Sickness -Disturbed.  I. Fucking. Love. This. Song. End of story really.  I just love this song.  Although this is an edited version of the song, with all the good stuff from the middle pulled out.  Fans will know what I mean.

16  Dr. Greentumb - Cypress Hill.  *cough*  Yeah, I like Cypress Hill. A lot. As you'll see.  

17. Rap Superstar - Cypress Hill . Goes hand and hand with 
18. Rock Superstar - Cypress Hill .  Both these songs are just awesome.  And not what you may think of when you hear the words "Cypress Hill"

19. Insane in the Brain - Cypress Hill.  This is what you think of when you hear the words "Cypress Hill".  I know.  Me too.

I' ll leave you tonight on that old school note.  I'll be back with the third, and final installment by the weekend.  Till then happy listening!


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