Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random amusing stuff that has kept me from blogging.....

Yeah that's right.  I'm blaming other stuff on my lack of posts this week.  It's totally not my fault!  Okay, maybe a little.  I'm a bit burned out right now.  Honestly I really have no will (or ability) lately to communicate.  Call it what you will, but I have had absolutely no patience for anything.  Facebook, my forums, Twitter, this blog have all just been a little too much for me to deal with.  No worries though.  I go into this withdraw mode ever now and again, and usually come back from it with a vengeance.  And I'm on holiday next week.  Meaning plenty of time for blogging goodness!

So while I've been avoiding communication with most of the world I have found some pretty awesome stuff to amuse myself with. A couple of fantastic fucking movies, and some websites that have made me laugh till I damn near cried.  And being the nice awesome person I am, I'm gonna share with all of you.

First up, Texts From Last Night Okay we've all done dumb ass stuff when dunk and/or stoned.  Chances are good you drunk dialed, or sent a text message to somebody.  That's what this site is.  Text messages about drunken nights out and the aftermath.  Many posts of people trying to figure out just what the hell they did the night before. Funny shit.

Next we have a series of sites.  Ever seen a friends status on Facebook and thought "WTF" or "Way to much info!!!"? Than these are the sites for you. STFU MarriedsSTFU Believers and STFU Parents. Laugh till you cry at the amounts of over sharing people do.  Than start to worry if any of your posts are up there, or will be.  I know I did!

Next to the movies I've seen.  These are two vastly different films.  I doubt many of you have seen either of them yet.  They both were awesome for very different reasons.

First we watched "Speed Racer" on The Movie Network.  Okay, you can stop groaning now.  I thought it would be utter shit.  I mean I used to watch (and love BTW) the anime series this was based from.  But a whole 2 hour movie...come the fuck on!  So while I was at work one day, Rainman threw it on.  Apparently it seemed like a good time killer.  Within 20 minutes he sent me a text message.  He had stopped it, because I HAD to see this movies.  I'm glad he waited.  I was completely enthralled, and actually wanted to watch it again right after it finished.  Even if you have never seen an episode of "Speed Racer" I honestly think you should check it out.  It's pretty close to  perfection put to film.

Okay, that not quite your pace?  Like a good scare?  Than you must, and I do mean MUST see "Paranormal Activity" .  Rainman and I had been following this movie for a while, waiting for it to come to a theater near us.  It finally did last weekend, and we went to the Saturday midnight showing.  Holy Fuck.  I have never been so scared during a movie in my life.  No real blood and gore.  Just a movie that works it's way into your head.  And sits there.  And continues to scare you almost a week later.  Yeah it's that fucking good.  It should be going into wide release soon.  Check this one out while it's in theater if you can to get the full experience.

Well there.  That should keep you guys busy for a while.  I'm working my last shift before vacation tonight, so with any luck I should be back to "normal" (okay, normal for me)  by the end of the weekend.

Till than boys and girls, have fun!

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